Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summertime Adventures Finale Extravaganza Part Bazillion: Elevator Birthday Party of Awesomeness

On the morning of his party, Ben happily awakes and explores the decorative birthday wonderland and backporch elevator village. He opens his fantastic aircraft carrier toy. Daddy shows him how it works and tries to keep from stealing it away to play with it himself.

Guests arrive! Popcorn and lunch are eaten. The kids play so well and quietly that I'm in shock.

Hey, Chris, what's wrong? Did you get lost?

Anyway, time for the elevator birthday cake, as Chris clearly needs some sugar to wake him up a bit. The Happy Birthday song is accompanied by Ben and Madeline's impromptu dance.

Then it's pinata time.

Are elevators the easiest, weirdest, and best birthday party theme ever? Possibly.

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