Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some things are more fun than other things.

So, the second day of school was not so hot. Ben knew what was coming and was forlorn and weepy the whole time. But once we got in the car and were driving home for lunch, he told me he had fun and played with the kitchen and phone at the school. So who knows?

On to more cheerful topics, such as...da da DA DA! Washing the cars! This gets done about once a year at our house. Seriously. It's too hard to bother with in the winter, and we just don't get around to it when the weather is nice. But the cars finally filled up with sand to a point that we were happy to bid it adieu.

Here are the Callaway men washing the cars:

Also, Ben's dad is turning 40 tomorrow. I made him some brains cookies (not made of real brains) with a Venn diagram about what zombies and professors have in common. He liked it a lot! And it's the gift that keeps on giving, because I've promised he can take the cookies to his office, eat them all himself, and then bring the empty jar home (not more than once a week) for a refill. The almond-y brain-colored cookies are delicious and are going to be a new cookie staple for us. Also, I filled out the jar with some choco-chip in the back.

Check out the dude as the Zombie Professor. A bunch of his Halloween photos popped up in Google Images. I'll bet he never dreamed he'd be immortalized on a jar of Happy Lobes Brain Cookies. Excellent costume and very convincing demeanor, mister!