Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallows Eve Eve

Here's my Big Ben. He's a furry otter.

Technically, we celebrated Halloween yesterday. In our town on the night before Halloween, they shut down traffic on Main Street for 2 hours so that all the businesses can give out candy. There's a haunted library (Ben just laughed at the guy in the Scream mask) and a DJ (everyone was too busy to dance the electric slide) and hundreds of families in all kinds of costumes. My favorites were a little mouse whose stroller was made into a big piece of cheese and father and son firefighters (as far as I could tell, the father is a real-life fireman). Tonight I'll put a light in our carrot-nosed jack-o-lantern and some candy by the door, but it's supposed to rain, so I'm not expecting many little visitors. I bought waaaay too much candy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

At Windy Hill Farm

Ben's grandma and grandpa visited last week for a whole week, and it was THE BEST! They took Ben out for a walk and to the playground every single morning (where Ben enjoys swinging way more with Grandpa than Mommy). One day we went to Windy Hill Farm to buy our pumpkin. Ben got himself a tiny gourd that's great for carrying around, gnawing on, and smacking people's heads.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Yesterday we took a fall day trip. First, we drove up to the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and fort.

After that, we went to Pumpkinfest in the fantastically quaint town of Damariscotta. The fall weather was ideal--sunny and just chilly enough for coats at the windy coast. The town was packed with visitors, and we milled around with the crowds, checking out the huge carved and painted pumpkins and watching the pumpkin paddle boat race (we left prior to the motorized pumpkin boat regatta).

We spent a lot of time in a bookstore with a wonderfully eclectic children's section and in a busy coffeehouse with delicious pumpkin pie gelato, as both had play areas for Ben with baskets of old toys and other friendly toddlers. We also met a pirate who told us about the Pirate Rendezvous they have in Damariscotta every June: pirates sail in on two sailing ships, sack the town, rob the bank, and create a general uproar. We will definitely be returning for that!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tables, Bulldogs, and Noses

Here are a few photos of Ben enjoying his new table and chairs from Ya Ya and Paw Paw. I think they might be nicer than the dinner table for the grown-ups!

Here he is playing with his big red bulldog from my all-time favorite Sunday School teacher, RG.

Here is Ben, doing some of his cruising. He walks all over the house now holding onto the walls and furniture and loves climbing the stairs. Note his lovely hazel eyes and clean nostrils (I am proud of keeping them snot-free!).